Learn Agile Method

Learn how to use agile methods for architecture and design projects.
Changes Needed in Agile Methods

What Are Agile Methods? Agile methods are an iterative approach in software development that facilitates continuous delivery of valuable software through collaborative and cross-functional efforts. They embrace changes in requirements and solutions at any phase of the software development cycle. The agile methodologies are based on the fundamental principles of the Agile Manifesto. These methodologies promote adaptive planning, early delivery, and continuous improvement. Origin of the Agile Methods [caption...

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Welcome to this series of posts that will explain the use of agile method for all types of projects. The agile method will reboot your organization. Its distinctive features(scrum, kanban, etc) led to Silicon Valley startup successes. It has been adopted by many organizations around the world. Agile method provides a clear idea of what your team is actually doing. It also helps to: Estimate the work to be...

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A good preparation is important Preparation takes time but is important to have a fluid Sprint and keep team focused in delivering. Also it force you to completely determine what has to be done. Though agile method encourage flexibility at middle term. At short term the Sprint level it force to be more rigorous and evacuate uncertainty, bad comprehension… Preparation is a continuous task Preparation of user stories...

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Both the Agile method and scrum are focused on providing everyone involved in the project a feedback loop and thus allowing team members and the client to have a good estimate of what the team can deliver. Communication is important so that priorities, the difficulty of tasks and other deliverables are evaluated. Agile and scrum use gamification techniques to make this otherwise tedious task a fun...

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