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Agile Manifesto & Bringing Agile Methods to Hardware Development

The Agile Manifesto was adapted in hardware development, which aims to achieve a minimum viable product or prototype at the end of every sprint.

Le manifeste agile pour le hardware : l'agile pour l'architecture et la construction

Aujourd’hui, les constructeurs doivent produire plus en un temps toujours plus restreint. Ils doivent également travailler pour des utilisateurs plus regardants sur la qualité. Les produits doivent correspondre à leurs attentes pour avoir une valeur réelle. Adopter les méthodes agiles aux projets…

Kanban vs Scrum vs Scrumban: What You Need To Know

The agile methods take different faces. Kanban and scrum are by far the more popular, but there exists a mix of both called Scrumban. The illustration below easily summarizes how these three approaches differ from each other.kanban vs scrum

An User Story, the Agile Way to Describe Task to be Done

Agile user story describes a task to be done written from the point of view of the client/end user. Group of user stories is called an epic.

Evaluating Agile User Stories

Both the Agile method and scrum are focused on providing everyone involved in the project a feedback loop and thus allowing team members and the client to have a good estimate of what the team can deliver. Communication is important so that priorities, the difficulty of tasks and other deliverables…