Bricks Features

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Problems in construction could be very expensive to fix and often compromise the architectural intentions of a building or structure. Bricks was developed to transform how architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) projects are managed.

Bricks is an architecture and BIM project management app inspired by agile methods. The Agile approach is used in many industries to make communication more fluid and workflows more iterative.

Bricks provides a common space where a project team can discuss and assign tasks, visualize the workflow, manage information sharing, fluidly communicate, and build a common data environment (CDE).


Assign the tasks and discuss a project

Assign tasks, discuss the points to solve an architecture project and efficiently handle BIM project management without losing your time in endless phone calls and meetings.

  • Discuss and assign next tasks to move the project forward
  • Filters only the topics that you care about
  • Assign work to your team and coworkers and give deadlines

Be more Agile with a Kanban board

Use agile methods adapted to construction and architecture industry. Prioritize topics, keep a global view and set short-term objectives to motivate your team.

  • Hierarchize the features to prepare your next meeting
  • Visualize what is done and what is missing in a glance
  • Give your team the power to self-organize

Manage sharing with groups of users

Manage discussion privacy and reduce information overload, by creating groups of users that fit with each project organization.

  • Create groups of users to manage topics visibility
  • Share only the topics that each of your co-workers cares about
  • Manage a separate topic list and kanban board per group

Keep up to date and chat fluidly

Keep all the project team synchronized and discuss the project in a fluid and visual way.

  • Discuss fluidly as in social networks
  • Use images to illustrate your messages
  • Get notified of updates of the topics you follow

Keep a global view of the project

Get everyone notified automatically and build together a living archive of all the individual decisions of a complex architecture project.

  • Have every discussion in a single place
  • Notify who needs to automatically
  • Search the project archives easily

This post is also available in: Français (French)

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