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What our clients says of us

  • Most AEC companies use a traditional waterfall workflow when designing for BIM. Bricks is a custom tool for successfully adopting the agile framework for BIM projects


    Trevor McHugh

    BIM manager at BIM working / Canada

  • BRICKS allows you to have several modes of representation of the tasks to be accomplished, past and future milestones, and thus to have a real project dashboard that uses the power of today's tools.


    Daniel Sellam-Kazoula

    Architect at ENIA Architects / France

  • BRICKS import the BCFs files and allows to share with the team the topics to be improved on a project. The phases are integrated in the management of the topics and corresponds to the business practices.


    Laurent Gabriel

    BIM manager & modeler at Brönnimann & Gottreux Architectes / Switzerland

  • In AEC reaching a smooth BIM workflow and well structured collaborative environment can be possible in BRICKS platform where the agile method is one of the golden existing features.


    Billel Dridi

    Architect & BIM manager at Al Raïs Engineering Consultancy / United Arab Emirates


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